The Most Important Ingredients in Eco-Friendly Toothpaste

For many, the most important part about brushing your teeth seems to be doing it twice a day. While we agree that your pearly whites deserve attention morning and night, here at Kaylaan we think proper dental hygiene is about more than just routine. It’s also about knowing what’s inside the products you use and why they’ve been added in the first place. 

So, in the spirit of candor, we want to spend this blog discussing the most important ingredients in our eco-friendly pastes, and contrasting them with their not-so eco-friendly competitors.

The Good Stuff

Sodium Bicarbonate: A big word for “baking soda”, sodium bicarbonate is not only a master stain remover, it also neutralizes acid build-up and balances PH levels in the mouth.

Xylitol: Our version of a sweetener, Xylitol is classified as a sugar alcohol and is 100% natural. Even better, it combats cavities and has a knack for encouraging saliva production, which in effect helps tooth remineralization.

Xanthan Gum: Nobody is really sure where conventional pastes derive their thickness from. In contrast, Kaylaan pastes get their texture from Xanthan Gum, the literal glue that binds all the natural components together.

Magnesium Stearate: An all too common critique of eco-friendly toothpaste is that it lacks quality control due to its use of exclusively natural components. Well, Kaylaan has been listening, which is why we’ve added magnesium stearate to our pastes. It is plant-derived and ensures the manufacturing process of our toothpaste tablets is consistent and reliable, day in and out.

Natural Herbal Additives: Nature’s bounty offers no shortage of fragrant and effective herbs and spices to add freshness, flavor, and even boost our pastes antibacterial properties. Our favorites to use in our eco-friendly toothpastes happen to be mint, cinnamon, and neem. 

The Bad Stuff

Triclosan: Playing second fiddle to fluoride only in name, the FDA banned triclosan (an antibacterial agent) in 2016 from use in household soaps, but have remained silent on its inclusion in name brand toothpastes, due in part to corporate pressure and lobbying groups. Triclosan is a pesticide by nature, and has been associated with various cancers, weakened heart function, bone deformations, and issues with the endocrine system.

Saccharin: Commonly used as a sweetener in many toothpastes, this petroleum-based (no joke, it’s made from crude oil) sugar substitute has been linked to cancer since various studies were conducted in the late seventies, but it’s still a common ingredient.

Smile Naturally With Kaylaan

At Kaylaan, our eco-friendly pastes are certified to be made with sustainably sourced, all natural ingredients. Our pastes contain no plastics, nothing you can’t pronounce (except maybe erythritol), and nothing we wouldn’t want our friends and family to consume.

We created our pastes with the hope of building a greener future for all. We encourage you to join us. Contact us today to learn more.


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