Kaylaan LLC

Deepti Brambl

Founder, Engineer

Wells Brambl

Co-Founder, Toxicologist

Our Story

Hey there! We are Deepti & Wells, the brains, heart & soul behind Kaylaan.

From an early stage, we found ourselves deeply caring about the use of plastic and climate change. During the peak of the pandemic we accelerated our project, we combined our passion for the sustainable lifestyle that we were already living and created one simple product that is used by everyone in the world: Toothpaste.

We’ve combined the best of science and nature to create a toothpaste that promotes healthy teeth and gums, without causing harm to animals and our environment. Our vegan-friendly formula contains no microbeads, artificial colors, or flavors and is packaged in cool sustainable Tins that are easy to recycle.

We have created this product with so much effort, believing that true change actually comes from all of us. Our company’s aim is to contribute to a green and prosperous world by supporting a green economy, in which people are benefiting but not at the expense of our planet.

Because of the love for current and future planetary companions (human and non-humans), we feel a deep commitment to preserve, protect & nurture our community and our planet.