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Minty freshness is now just a chew away! Mouthwash tablets balance your oral microbiome, providing relief to your gums, freshening breath, and strengthening tooth enamel – all without any unpleasant burning sensation or worrying about teeth stains. It is a simple, effective and all natural mouthwash- just chew, swish, and spit your way to a healthier smile and long-lasting fresh breath!


Disclaimer** Mouthwash will come in a non branded compostable pouch temporarily. 

Cruelty Free

No Harsh Chemicals


Plastic Free


What's Included


For the 4-month subscription, your first shipment includes a handy refillable tin along with two refill bags of mouthwash tabs. For all subsequent shipments, you'll receive refill bags.

There are 90 Tabs in a container.



Sodium Bicarbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Xanthan Gum
Zinc Citrate
Peppermint oil
Silicon Dioxide
nano hydroxyapatite

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How to use

How to use


Crunch the tablet in your mouth


Sip 40-60 ml of water


Swish and Swirl for few seconds


Spit and Smile!


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Key Ingredients

12,251Trees Planted to Date

12,251 Trees Planted to Date

No more plastic tubes

Because of the love for current and future planetary companions (human and non-humans), we feel a deep commitment to preserve, protect & nurture our community and our planet.