• History and importance of Cleaning Teeth

    "Bid them wash their faces and keep their teeth clean."                                                     By: William Shakespeare    It is expected that an average person will brush their teeth 40,000 times during their lifetime. The reason why we brush our teeth is to protect ourselves from b... View Post
  • Low Carbon Lifestyle: Reduce your carbon footprint by 80%

    In 2019 we witnessed extreme weather conditions: drought, heat waves, heavy rains, landslides, record-breaking storms, and flooding. All of this likely due to climate change, which is making these events more frequently than ever. We cannot wait for Businesses and Governments to catch up and tak... View Post
  • Keeping Sustainability In The Forefront During A Pandemic

    Sustainability, Pandemic and Climate change: It is more imperative than ever how they all are interconnected. But still we see life on planet and environment as a separate entity. What the pandemic has demonstrated to us is a realization that our health depends on the climate and the health of t... View Post